Charging Policy

Charging for Activities/Educational visits

As part of the work relating to the National Curriculum, children may be required to visit places of interest or take part in activities that will enrich their studies.  When this involves an element of cost, it is our policy to invite parents to make a voluntary contribution, though wherever we can we try to subsidise events from the school fund. Children will not be excluded from such valuable experiences if no voluntary contribution is made, but parents will appreciate that some visits may not take place as a result.

When visiting residential outdoor pursuits centres such as Low Mill Outdoor Centre, the school’s policy is to make full use of the expertise of qualified centre staff.  Abseiling, for example, will only take place when led by a fully qualified and experienced member of staff, with the member of school staff supporting.  If conditions are judged unsafe at any time the activity will not take place.

It is also school policy to use instructors that have been police and medically cleared.

School Transport

If you think your child may be eligible for transport to and from school, please contact Mrs. Feather who will advise you on the procedure.  Private car owners are asked not to use the parking bay outside the school, which is reserved for the official school transport vehicles.

Should you experience any difficulties with transport, please contact The Highways and Transportation Department, County Hall, Northallerton, DL7 8AE

Personal Accident Insurance

The school participates in an insurance scheme giving cover to all pupils in the event of serious injury (e.g. loss of sight, limb, life etc), and this also covers educational visits out of school.

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